Why It’s Good to Think Before You Speak

Happy Monday, everyone! People often say and hear the phrase ‘think before you speak,’ and I believe it has become, like so many other things, something that washes over us more often than not, if only due to the regularity with which it's used. But it is very easy to say the wrong thing at … Continue reading Why It’s Good to Think Before You Speak


Books, Glorious Books!

Happy Monday, everyone! Today is April 23rd, which is World Book Day! And I think it’s just great that there’s a whole day dedicated to the world of reading and publishing – well, technically there are several, depending on where you happen to be situated on the globe. I am a person who loves books … Continue reading Books, Glorious Books!

My Beautifully Complicated Family

Happy Monday, everyone! As National Siblings Day is coming up on April 10th, I thought I’d write a post about family. My family (like many others out there) is quite complex and encompasses a lot of people. Family dynamics are such interesting creatures and, on occasion, I find myself simply sitting and marveling at what … Continue reading My Beautifully Complicated Family

How My Epilepsy Affected My Eating Disorder

As someone with epilepsy, many people have witnessed some of my less glamorous moments, and so this part of my life tends to be really rather obvious – I'm a Loud Epileptic, remember? But the thing is, there are so many conditions out there that are not so easily seen; in fact, I'm pretty sure … Continue reading How My Epilepsy Affected My Eating Disorder