New Ventures

Happy Tuesday, everyone! My apologies for the radio silence over the past few months, but I have found myself (somewhat uncharacteristically) rather busy. I also now work Mondays, and so – with relatively heavy heart – I am going to have to move new blog posts to Tuesday… when I remember to write them at … Continue reading New Ventures


What Quakerism Means to Me

Happy Monday, everyone! I’ve recently relocated to a new part of England, and have spent the last few days walking around and getting my bearings. And yesterday, being Sunday, I wandered my way into the closest Quaker Meeting House. Although, I must say that the enthusiasm with which they brought out their visitors’ book for … Continue reading What Quakerism Means to Me

I Wrote a Book!

Happy… Tuesday, everyone! (Wow, that was more uncomfortable to type than I thought it would be.) My apologies for this post being a day late – my plan was to do my usual Monday blog, but I was, annoyingly, unable to write yesterday, as I ended up being prevented from doing so due to seizure … Continue reading I Wrote a Book!